Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has released the newest version of their popular Office software. Upgrades to Office have become routine to most of us in the I.T industry: every three years there will be a new version with an updated user interface, a few new functions and capabilities and a big headache having to upgrade hundreds of computers. This time around however, Microsoft is making a big change to their tried and true formula.

Spurred perhaps by the growing popularity of Google Docs, Office is moving to the cloud in order to stay competitive. With the launch of “Office 365” Microsoft is now pushing hard for a subscription based model as opposed to the more traditional method of a one time in store or online purchase. Users can now pay a monthly fee in order to use their office software or opt for paying a one-time fee. With how hard Microsoft is trying to push us towards the subscription based model though, many suspect that they may do away with outright purchase of their software in the not too distant future.

Many people are asking how this change will affect the bottom line – Surely Microsoft will give their monthly subscribers a good deal to move over to their new pricing model right? Well let’s take a look at the numbers and see for ourselves which is the best way to purchase Office 2019.
According to the leaked Office 2019 pricing information, prices will be:
Office Home Premium: $139 outright or $8.33 per month
Office Home & Business: $219 outright or $12.50 per month
Office Standard 2013: $369 outright or $15 per month
Office Professional Plus: $499 outright or $20 per month

The smaller monthly fee may appear more attractive at first but let’s do some quick math. The time period between new versions is usually about 3 years so let’s say 36 months. Taking Office Home Premium for example:
One-time payment: $139
$8.33 per month * 36 months = $299.88

This means that over the three year life Office 2019 you will end up paying over $160 more if you go with the subscription based model. Not only that but many people opt to continue using their version of Office long after a new version has been released. For example many people out there today are still happily using Office 2016 or even the 2010 version. If this is the case for you then you will in fact save much more than $300 worth of monthly fees and this doesn’t even take into account the annoyance of having yet another monthly bill on your credit card.
The one benefit of going with the subscription based model is that it does allow you to install the software on more computers simultaneously than if you were to buy it outright. However to me and I suspect many other home users out there this simply isn’t worth the added cost.

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